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Motel Manager

Happy birthday, you ass!

I look forward to your blogging about your adoption process. You will ace the homestudy, and I just know that the perfect little girl is waiting for you.


It's so strange to think she may not be born yet, may be in utero right now . . . this person who will become so integrated into your life that you won't be able to imagine what life would have been without her. Ok, /sentimentality.

We really considered adoption, but the cost and the bureaucracy were stumbling blocks for us. (And we have been lucky enough to be able to make homegrown kids.) My cousin adopted 3 kids from Russia, who are now between the ages of 4-11. Best wishes through the process.


Longtime reader here...I am thrilled that you will be posting with such frequency, and Happy Birthday!

We adopted our daughter on 11-8-05, in Chonqging Municipality, PRC. It has been a wild ride..humbling, amazing, sweet, exhausting.

I wrote much about it on another site, but in a fit of anxiety deleted all of it. I am starting over now, reflecting on all the changes the past nineteen months have brought to my life.

Take care.


I always wanted to adopt, but then my son came along. Perhaps I'll eventually get to adopt after my life settles down somewhat. Anyway, Mary at Owlhaven has adopted two kids from Ethiopia, two from Korea, and is in the process of adopting two more from Ethiopia. She's at http://owlhaven.wordpress.com/ and would be able to offer a ton of insight.


Let me be among the last to say, Happy 40th. I celebrated that milestone 5 years ago, and it was fine. There's something about having young children (we just survived the 6th birhtday party today) that keeps you young.

And how positively wonderful to be in your new place and surrounded by family and friends to celebrate the day. Hope the dancing was fun!

Dear friends are flying to China in about 3 weeks to pick up their son. I think they'd agree with Amanda's comment.


happy birthday! so pleased to hear things are going well back east. very jealous. you should also know that i've developed a tremendous case of hypochondria in light of very minor, odd health issues that developed immediately upon your departure. well, almost immediately, anyway. you're very lucky not to have been here for them, i promise.


As best friend to a Social Worker for An Agency, I can say with some authority that TTD and you checking the same boxes is a very good sign indeed. Unless you both checked all the wrong boxes, though that's still a sign of some kind.

Here's wishing you the best.

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