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Happy birthday in advance - your news is fabulous. Made me cry!


Happy Birthday!

Very cool.


Hope you have a great night Saturday. 40 is the new 30. I can't wait to hear more about your adoption.

terri c

Happy, happy birthday!!! And what exciting news. I agree with you about the growth that comes with a few more years. I started to feel much more "in myself" in the 40s and the 50s are even better. So tremendously excited about your news.


Happy Birthday
I am also one of those born old.
Dont forget the prawns.


As someone who recently celebrated her 70th birthday, I can tell you: my recent years have been THE BEST! You ain't seen nothin' until you see those grandbabies (Nordic, African-American, whatever)! Just hang in.


Squeeee!!! A girl in the family! I may have to bust out the knitting needles (which I should be able to do by roughly a week before "gotcha day" at the rate things are going here).


I also have to say that I feel more like myself as I get older--I feel less the need to please all the time, the curse of the Midwestern female upbringing.

Happy, happy birthday.


This is wonderful. Congratulations on the birthday and the baby from Africa in your future!


Happy birthday to you! And thanks for giving your readers the lovely birthday gift of a month's worth of frequent posting to look forward to. :)


That is fabulous news! (And congrats on the birthday!) I wish you all good things on your journey. What a wonderful thing!

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