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traca de broon

I know it's a sin and all, but I am seriously jealous of your car. I've always wanted a Mini--perhaps because I've always been mini. Happy birthday--your day sounds marvelous!


Wow, lucky girl!! That is so exciting! If the Mini Cooper isn't the most fun to drive, I don't know what is. It has a monster little engine.


AWESOME!! Convertibles are so much fun!!


Wow. Simply wow. Your birthday sounds stupendous--from the sleeping in, to the dining to the car! I've always wanted a convertible. Have fun!


I'm speechless! just speechless!

Add to list of things to do in Aug: Spin Singing Beach wearing string bikinis eating ice cream cones!


TTD is just the king of husbands, that's all.

Happy Bday!


That truly does sound like the best birthday ever. And I can't WAIT for you to come down to Meffah in your Mini and pick me up so we can do some childless cruisin!!

aka Marina

wow wow wow.

if I come visit will you let me drive it?

Huzzah to TTD!

WV Mama

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