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miss mouse

Welcome back to Massachusetts! You will quickly be marked on the critters' tourist map as 'the best all you can eat buffet', as clearly the cats are not doing a thing to keep the outside critters OUTSIDE! the MINI sounds great....definitely gotta 'spin the beach', with the top down and the music up loud!


He took time to relax under the TV?!?!? Hilarious! And it's even funnier when I imagine it all happening amid complete and total silence as you guys watch and hold your breath.


Mini? MINI?


and also, write more about TTD in his undies with the broom--rawr.


Love the image of your little guest lounging in your home! I am a relatively new reader, but am really enjoying following along. I, too, have two little boys (oldest is five AND A HALF--very important that I not forget the half--and the youngest turns three in five days). And we are a adopting a little girl from China, who is currently 17 months old. We'll be travelling to China next month. And we live in an old house (1887). And we were practically neighbors (I'm in MN). And I'm a Dr. (though not the "real" kind like you, I'm of the the Ph.D. persuasion). And I have a cat (down from two), plus three dogs. So we have a few things in common. Though I don't have a Mini. Or a pair of Spanx.


Oops - meant so say "real" doctor like your hubby.

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