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OMG I'm sorry Larki dear, but the image of TTD in a mini...I can see why you got the convertible, since crunching him down into a hardtop Mini, *snort*...I'm just picturing all of these knees and elbows, heeeee! I'm so happy that you're getting to do something that makes you giddy. Everyone needs to be giddy once in a while. And re: the adoption, I'll be living vicariously through you guys on that one. I used to think I'd like to adopt one more when my animals were older, and had even discussed it with The Patriarch pre-separation, and we thought maybe an older child would be a good fit, although of course I love the teensy babies :-) Given my health and my kids' issues I don't think that would ever be completely fair to all parties, but I'm happy to read about it, especially coming from you.


I am so excited to hear about your adoption journey as it unfolds. And so glad that you have a social worker who is open to the mystery of the whole process. It seems like it could become such a nightmare of red tape and bureaucracy otherwise. I can't wait to meet your daughter, whoever she may be.

And I'm serious -- you better get your ass down here in that mini and take me for a ride!

terri c

Oh!!! I stop lurking for just a few days and all kinds of WONDERFUL things happen!! So very happy for you re: the beginnings. Love the image of the Mini. Love the image(s) of little boys whizzing on the bushes. Love "hearing" you sound so happy. So I had to delurk to say all this.


I haven't been here in a while but am getting back into blog reading/writing ... and CONGRATULATIONS! Really looking forward to hearing more on this journey. Hooray!

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