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Motel Manager

I am glad you shared this and hope to hear more in your next post!


Thank you thank you for writing this. Reading along I was just hit with that sick thrill of recognition. Not being brave as you, I just quit writing when I peeled back enough layers to see the sick heart inside. Hurrah for anti-depressants, is all I can say. And hurrah for friends, internets and reals. Thanks for your words. Again.


Yes, thank you for writing about this! There are too many misconceptions about depression, pp and otherwise, and about antidepressants, which, contrary to popular belief, do not turn the user into some blithe, even-keeled zombie with no emotion or creativity whatsoever; they let you be yourself, warts and all, but functional. The clean window analogy is perfect.

Thank you also for complimenting my children, my parenting, and my rack. All right back at ya, except for the rack part, which I didn't really get a good look at.

Also, let it be known that Rabbit kindly offered the "baby grownups" cookies and lively demonstrations of his Shrek and dinosaur action figures. Excellent! Of course, in the end, it was Urp's cute little naked butt that really stole the show...


Delurking to say thanks for writing this post. I had a bad time with PP depression and anxiety at the end of last year and am now evened out with the help of antidepressants. Like you, I thought I was going crazy--horrific insomia, crying jags, hair-trigger temper, then panic attacks. And women who blogged about their similar experiences helped SO MUCH. So you could be helping someone right now! I am doing so much better now, and as a result of the ordeal I am thankful for all the "ordinary" days and I want to help other women who are suffering from PPD. Maybe I should post about it again (I did, a little, when I started my current blog). Anyway, thank you again!


You nailed the PPD downward spiral perfectly. I never saw something like this when I was in the hole, and it took me too long to figure it out myself. I think of all of the emotional engergy that I wasted during that time, and it kills me. I won't get those early months with my son back. I'm now almost 24 weeks with number two, and I have to honestly admit that I'm afraid that I've already headed down that path-maybe I'll have to suck it up and discuss at this next appointment. Thanks for putting this out there.


I also have to thank you for posting. I got through my kids' infancy and toddler years OK, maybe running on adrenaline, but right about the time the real physical labor of parenting eased up (when my younger boy turned three) I was overcome with anxiety, self doubt and self-criticism. It took several years of self-loathing for me to seek counseling and medication. I am soooo much happier, and so much more able to enjoy my kids - I lament the amount of time I lost not being able to enjoy my kids and not being able to convey my pleasure at being their mom to them.

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