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Awwwww I think I'm gonna puke. Also, I was astonished to read that The Short Network Engineer and I have been married for a little over a month longer than you and TTD. How funny! I knew most of this story, but not the part about the beaded nametag saying "The Tall Doctor."

Why did he kick the trashcan? I'm dying to know.


"one of the really useful things about divorce is that, having made the wrong match, you tend to be pleasantly surprised when you make the right one"

So true.

"There has been the move from looking into each others' eyes, to standing together and looking outward at our children."

So true.


Damn. Just...damn. I love this. Congratulations to you two! (Did his name tag literally say "The Tall Doctor"? I really want that to be true...)


Wonderful! And you too are truly a wonderful pair. And I can vouch for the fact that TTD is indeed a very handsome man. Bearing a striking resemblance to Vladimir Lenin.

This post was so great, I may have to do a copycat one on my site. About a week from now will mark 14 years since my first date with the man who is now my husband. And since I'm almost 7 years younger than you, that's kind of scary....!


I had a nightmare this morning after silencing my alarm that I hadn't married my husband, hadn't had my child, but instead was still stuck with my ex, still with all the problems we'd had. I kept thinking, no, this isn't my life, is it? I seem to remember something better ... but the thought kept slipping away and I could hardly breathe -- until I woke up with a start and thought, oh, thank god for my life now.

Motel Manager

Oh, what a lovely post!

kimberly/Tippy Toes

Congratulations! I really liked the "looking outward" line, as it is so true, but something I had not thought of before.

The Short Network Engineer in the comments made me laugh. Maybe because I have The Short Software Engineer.

Midwestern Deadbeat

Ohhhh, what an excellent post! It makes me love you and TTD all over again, and in a new way.

And I don't care how corny that sounds. I really mean it.

(And eyes like a wolf? And hot? Yep, yep.)


Eyes, uh huh, tall, yes, very nice. But what would totally make me put on the red dress and come running to comfort him if you died tragically was seeing him with those boys. Oh my. Any man who holds a baby the way he does is a hottie in my book.


Why did this make me cry? (with appreciation and love, not sadness)

Nothing But Bonfires

Dude. WAY better than Grey's Anatomy. Way more liable to make me cry, too.
Thanks for that.

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