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Good for you. Every summer when my girls go to camp, it takes a day to figure out what I used to do when I had time. By the time they come back, I'm well rested and a much better parent for having had the time to myself.


Sounds glorious! Maybe you should actually get a little bit stoned while you're at it. You'll more fully appreciate the musical genius that is "The Music of the Night" as played on clarinets and trumpets by corn-fed 19-year-olds.


So did you remember how to go to the bathroom without an audience? We're still working on the privacy concept around here, and I have only a fraction of the dignity I once enjoyed. I totally hear you on the getting-things-done-without-interruption thing. When one finally gets a real break from the interruption, one can hardly bring oneself to go back to doing things the old way. Maybe you and TTD could set up some sort of regular schedule by which you take turns giving each other a self-day? Or do you already do that?

aka Marina

I. Am. So. Envious.

Yes, I'm going to Nantucket in three weeks with Rosie Boner (and no children). Yes, I also have a wonderful husband who does and does and does. But yesterday, oh, yesterday, for the VERY FIRST TIME IN FIVE PLUS YEARS OF MOTHERING I actually was looking forward to going to work today.

Why, you may ask, oh blogosphere aka Friends of Bihari? Why? Because the two-year-old has a double ear infection and croup (and is therefore clingy and wants to nurse) and the five-month-old must be nursing if awake (growth spurt?) which means, oh brilliant readers, that everyone wants a boob in his/her mouth ALL THE TIME. Literally. It was not a good day.

BUt, yay for you, Bihari m'dear. I am so pleased for you!!!

WV Mama who stayed up 'til 2 am to make the cupcakes for soccer practice. With Halloween decorations on them no less. ANd is now (blessedly) at chaotic (but not-nursing) work. (yeeha)


3 DAYS! You deserve it! ohh how it reminds me of my last 3 day vacation --and the only break since the 2.5 year old was born. that would be the 3 glorious days spent at Brigham and Women's Hospital to deliver number 2.

Our second honeymoon, I actually had uninterupted conversation with my husband while the epidural did its magic across the night. And even during the pushing---the Bubba was 11 pounds mind you--- but even during the pushing,with a little visualization I was on Long Beach collecting sanddollars.

Then there was the 2 days of breakfast in bed. the SUnday New York Times. the worshipping of me [did i mention: 11 pounds?]

It was so divine. Ive been thinking of having another, just to get the three days.

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