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Well, he's either
1. overwhelmed
2. lazy or
3. avoidant/passive-aggressive.

If it's 1 or 2, he probably won't mind offers of help; if it's 3, you need to know that.

So I say, by all means, bring it up. (I think the selfish/stupid choice is a false one. Those aren't the only possibilities by any means.)


I agree with Doctor Mama.

I used to work at the ob/gyn clinic at the hospital so the "..and stay off the playground equipment for the next week," line is really cracking me up.


Well, it's not 2 or 3, that's for sure. I can report, after conversation, that it's 1. Which I totally get, since I've been feeling overwhelmed for four years now....


I just want to say, I love your weblog. I read the complete front page top to bottom, and I'll be back. Good luck with the job search! BTW, I went to the U.of Iowa and currently live in Dubuque.

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