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I'll watch it!

Hell - I'll be on it, if you want. I can blather on ad naseum about morning after pills and what they do to one's system and how a simple condom can save one from the total misery they inflict.


Masked Mom

I've got three and a half teenagers under my roof at the moment (daughter's twelve so she's only an almost teenager, at least technically)and I'm with you 100%. "Use a condom" is a slogan around here--it comes up at all sorts of random moments--especially during TV shows. Am I ruining the romance of those shows? I sure hope so.

traca de broon

Speaking of "real sex" and devil-may-care attitudes about it, Girls Gone Wild is in Iowa City, presumably looking for drunk girls who want to take their tops off (I'd be tempted, but I'm about 15 years older than the target girl).

Although I watched the GGW tour bus run over a bicyclist last night, so I'm betting they won't be here for long.


You mean the Spike/Buffy sex scenes where not real. Not even when Angel gets his soul back and he and buffy get to indulge in ultra chocolate ice-cream. I am so disappointed. There go my fantasies. What else does a 36 year old fantasize about but Spike, Angel and of course Giles (grrr)


I've definitely been irritated by the lack of any discussion about contraception or condoms, but more in the movies/books/shows that are supposed to be realistic than in the ones that are obviously romanticized. (Can't think of an example since it's been so frickin' long since I saw or read anything, but you know what I mean.)

My big peeve: how any unwanted pregnancy, after an appropriate period of anxiety and remorse, ends in a graceful miscarriage.

aka Marina

Well, there is Sex In the City, but it only deals with certain parts of the whole thang -- though done well (and with humor, so people will keep watching)... But as a midwife with 12 years of practice under my belt (um, how close was THAT to a bad pun?) currently in a university faculty practice where my youngest pregnant patient was 11 and the oldest 47, as a mother of two boys, as a new mother of a baby girl, as a resident of the third poorest county in West Virginia (but with, ahem, an equivalent teen pregnancy rate to the entire country) I am VERY VERY afraid.

WV Mama (aka Marina)


okay, I've been busy for a whle, and just catching up on reading, but I had to comment anyway. I love Buffy. I'm so glad to see someone else admit that they love it too. But I'm with you on the whoel fake thing. I mean really, Buffy and Spike collapse an entire house around them and don't notice? Give me a break.

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