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Here's my 2 cents worth (from a perfect stranger): It will always be a bad time to move. There will always be reasons why it's difficult to leave work now. I'm not saying move this instant or take the first job that's offered, but if you're serious about moving just leap forward.

Now, being a cautious person, I'd check out the communities you want to live in--i.e., work, housing, schools, cultural activities, recreation, etc. (I realize that you're from the East but my criteria would be different now that I'm a parent.) And I'd go to a few interviews to get a sense of the place.

I suspect given your combined skill sets that you're probably not going to be begging for jobs.

Was that remotely helpful?

terri c

I say you should ask that exquisitely non-serene bodhisattva, Fearful Leader. No, probably not a good idea... Best luck and I agree, you will probably not going to be begging for jobs.


Of course I have to restrain myself from shouting "NOW! NOW! Move now!! You'll be here in time for apple-picking. Rabbit can be trick-or-treating on his new street. I agree in essence with the first poster--there is never a perfect time to move, in the same way that there is never a perfect time to have a baby. Can you come and check out the jobs and see if they suit you, then decide?


Oooh, you could have fall in New England, potentially. How lovely. Which is the only thing I have to contribute, and I know it's not at all helpful. Particularly since, for all I know, fall in Iowa is just as nice.


Do you have an update on Mrs Pyg? Her blog is down. (I normally lurk at hers.)

tracy de broon

I wouldn't turn down the chance to check it out--you are interviewing them as much as they are you. If they offer you a job and it doesn't feel like the right time, you just say no, and leave with the comfort of being wholly employable, as well as having some new contacts and more information to help you make your eventual decision. Plus you get a free trip east.

As for this: "Does anybody else out there routinely talk to her boss(es) while clad in bra and panties?"

All the time. But I work at home.


We are in the same situation, though with a few variables - in Saskatchewan vs. Iowa, considering a move back east, to Ontario vs. NH, and the jobs are NOT knocking. Even if they were knocking, I'd still insist on doing it on my terms. Opportunities come around all the time, but this is a big move and you need to ease yourself, and especially your kids, into it.



from a lurker in massachusetts: move now, or move in the spring. moving in the dead of a northern massachusetts winter will just add to the annoyance of moving. love your stories about the ER, by the way.


i am also looking for mrs.pyg. is she ok?


Of course, I want you to move east sooner rather than later, but a cross-country move is no small thing. If the jobs seem too perfect to be believed, however, maybe earlier isn't bad. Also, you'll find that housing prices start going down in October and typicaly bottom out in February. Spring and Summer are definitely pricier times to move.

As for the keg party quip -- I love it! You do live in close proximity to several frat houses, so who knows....


Oh, what the hey, while everyone is asking you for updates on various and sundry other bloggers, could you give us an update on MFA mama? I've been hanging around at her site since she started, and was shocked to see it go PW protected and then away for good. What gives?

Also, the jobs are a knocking, you've got to hear what they're offering. Like a pp said, it's always a bad time to move.


Eh, go for it. It would be worth moving sooner than you wanted to if you got dream jobs, right?
(It's friends who are moving to MA, by the way. Amherst.)


Well, my fiance and I often talk about music-related stuff in our skivvies, and as he is a conductor for whom I sing on a semi-regular basis it can be construed as boss/employee relationship if you squint and tilt your head the right way. But I don't think it really counts. ;-)

On the MA front, I'm with DoctorMama - if the jobs are right, do it.

OK, back to lurkerdom with me...

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