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Do you ever think that being in the medical profession is actually a hinderance to your mental well-being? If I were you, I would never sleep from the constant self-diagnosing.

On another note: feel better soon!


I am delighted that you are going to devote a whole post to my question!

Hope your dental woes resolve soon. Dental surgery is always uncomfortable (although one's tongue is always active, poking away at the stitches).

Can't help you with those enlightenment centres......


Ouch! That sounds scary!

I have had four (4) root canals. Those I find to be rather a relief, since the procedure kills off your pesky tooth. Some of my best teeth are crowns. Luckily, I have had no infections. All of my root canals were performed by this crazy endodontist in SF who had dyed-black hair and about 14 Vietnamese women working for him, and he would bark orders at them with the urgency of someone under fire. But he could get a root canal done in half an hour. I heart efficiency!

Oral surgery...yeesh! I hope you recover soon!

Jesse Hake

Guess you feel better now from your RCT years ago. Though a lot of people have been traumatized of this procedure, you bravely faced stitching, cleaning and lidocaine treatment to minimize the pain. I think you also went through the so-called painless RCT, right?

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