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Welcome home!

The slowing down you describe reminds of that post-deadline molasses feeling. When I've *had* to work superhard for too long, I lose the ability to be self-directed/self-disciplined once things calm down.


i too know what you mean about the slowing down--i've got basically one week off between spring and summer semesters and aparently all i'm capable of doing is drinking coffee. so glad you're loving the house! can't wait to see it...


Time to de-lurk - I really enjoy your blog, and I'm so glad you've settled into your new home. As far as the new name goes - maybe just "Drift"? Or perhaps, as the antithesis of "Iowadrift," you could do "MassachusettsSettled."

aka Marina

Hmmmm. I feel like I should be able to think of a brilliant new blog name for you but I've done five (and a half) births in the last week and can't think straight. Maybe something about starting new in the place where you started?

But I am sooo glad that you're all loving it so much there. We knew you would but how glad we are to be right.

love to you, sweetie bean, and next time you call please leave a number at which to call you back!!

WV Mama

Motel Manager

I can't wait to see the new house someday! It sounds totally fantastic. Summer on the East Coast also seems to call for gin and tonics. I hope you're indulging in them during your slowed-down days?

Sending lots of love to you all. Say hi to TTD, the boys, the felines, and the hamster for me. The turtles can go to hell. (Just kidding; I have nothing against turtles!)

Wacky Mommy

No, don't change it! I love Iowadrift. I was teasing when I said I wanted dibs on it. You've just truly drifted, is all. Have fun getting settled.

Nothing But Bonfires

I read the last line of Point Number Four as "I am very pretty."

Which, yes, also true, but didn't make quite so much sense.

So glad you're settling in! I've been thinking of you often and sending you Happy Moving Vibes (they're very effective, you know.)


I was thinking of something obvious like Critical Mass, but it's already in use, and anyway - what's to criticize? Your new home looks and sounds beautiful.


Great to read that everything is going so well! You guys deserve this. Your house looks awesome. Hope to see it someday.

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