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I had just pulled myself up off the floor (having fallen from shock) from your email mentioning the trip to Mali (!), when I read this, and now I'm back on the floor, doubled over in laughter.

You're the best!


Oh, lordy. You KNOW how I feel about O'Hare (shudder). Also, where is my effing copy of this abominable picture? Or, for that matter, my promised phone call? HMPH, I say, and HMPH again. Fie on you and your Boston--way too far north. Bihari the Dreadful American Visiting Dignitary. Bwah ha ha--you're practically a Kennedy, you know that? Heh.


I'm deeply offended by your implication that there is something wrong with bullet-point posts.


But see, when YOU do them they're actually useful, and about a subject, and one thing follows the other as the night the day! In mine, it's an excuse to toss not only segues but coherence out the window.

By the way, I think you need to publish Running for Maggots as a book. I for one drag my ass out of bed three mornings a week JUST BECAUSE OF YOU.


I know I'm skipping all the vital Mali stuff and also the pending Boston trip (hope we see you? possible? the Tall Girl and I will be around all the week after Christmas) but what the heck is an Olan Mills Family? Is it like Thomas Kinkade painting or something? Jello salad? One of those Midwestern Mysteries that we in the East know nothing of?

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